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I don’t wanna fuck up

I haven’t had my manic depression meds since they moved me, December 18. I’m up and down every day, to the point of having rage in my brain.

I’ve been begging these people to put me on Abilify like they promised me. I’ve put in 5 kites [written requests]. And I’m still waiting to see the psychiatrist.

I want to mellow out. The shit is getting to my brain. I understand what’s going on, and I can only remove myself physically from so many situations.

I can’t read. Can’t focus. I need to get on that medication. I’m depressed. Then I get manic and start feeling bad things and I come back to my cell.

I don’t wanna fuck up.

-Brent Brents, January 17, 2018

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my Bipolar disorder and Compulsive behavior


Sir on my treatment plan it says i need help and to work on Mental health issues. I am working with Dr on medication and that aspect stabulizing my Bipolar disorder and Compulsive behavior disorder. But how can i get the other stuff done if mental health treatment is Not offered? …Any ideas on counseling or other options? Thank you.

-Offender’s kite, or note of a request or complaint, written by Brents

Response from Dept of Corrections: I will try to pull you out this week or next to discuss your concerns.

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CSH Social Summary report

His social history from CSH indicates Mr. Brents grew up in an extremely chaotic and abusive home environment…Brent’s father continued to be very abusive toward him, and indeed, fractured the orbit in his eye.  He was hospitalized and Dependence and Neglect charges were filed, however, they were later dropped for some reason.

-Colorado State Hospital Social Summary report on Brents, Jan. 4, 1989

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A danger to himself

I do consider Mr. Brents to be a danger to himself and to others at this time. He has a very extensive past history of violence and, thus far, has not made significant progress in learning more adaptive coping mechanisms.

-Psychiatric Evaluation on Brents, Colorado State Hospital, March 29, 1991

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Sexual abuse

According to the history, Mr. Brent’s father began sexually abusing him at the age of four and continued this abuse until the age of eight. This included forced fellatio. The father also physically abused him and, on more than one occasion, threatened him with a gun or a knife. He also apparently beat him to the extent that he fractured the orbit of one of his eyes. Mr. Brents was also sexually abused by his mother from the age of four until the age of 13.

-Psychiatric Evaluation report on Brents, Colorado State Hospital, March 29, 1991


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