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I carry no shame for what someone else did to me

From a reader: I want to disclose am a survivor. I do not hide this fact. I carry no shame for what someone else did to me. However I do not typically feel the need to share the fact either. The truth is most people do not know this about me. I know that what you do as to Brent Brents revolts many people. Their response is a result of fear. When you look into the abyss … I am not sure how much if any positive feedback you receive. I wanted to tell you from the perspective of a survivor that I believe you are on to something. How can we begin to heal this epidemic if we cannot grasp any understanding of it? Keep up the good fight.
-Beau, Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017 8:52 p.m.

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My greatest hope

Talk about letting cowardess, bitterness, and hate as well as fear run a life. My greatest hope is this: For all those i hurt Not to turn outwardly the anger, and hate, and fear i caused onto others.

-Brent Brents 7-23-14

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The beatings, and fear, and rape that permiated my life

So It was pretty cold the other Night. And I woke up cold and having to pee. And immediately went back to my childhood. How i would wake up cold and wet and in fear of him either catching in the bathroom, wanting a blow job, or finding out i wet the bed.

The beatings, and fear, and rape that permiated my life back then. It’s surprising what can trigger those memories. And even now I still wake with a start Now and then. Feeling that old fear, even though I haven’t wet the bed since i was 13.

And I’m still able to know that old feeling of fear angers Me. It’s Vulnerable and i don’t like it. No One does, I forget that sometimes. And i get wrapped up in my own head and emotions, So i forget that I’ve caused so many others these same emotions.

I always hope that those i hurt are able to forget me and live free of the hell that myself and others cause thru rape and abuse.

-Brent Brents 1-26-14

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