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Will i go to heaven or hell?

Faith! Enterestingly enough having a faith has mellowed me a lot. I’m not a prison zealot. I take my faith seriously. Will i go to heaven or hell? How much good does one have to do to earn that trip to the gates of heaven. I’m Not sure that hell is where i’ll wind up. I have faith in our Lord. Prayer is my weapon of choice these days. I know, There will be lots of nay sayers. All I know is i can make peace with The person who wakes up in my bed each morning, Never forgetting that I’m in this cell for a reason. I do my making up for my past by prayer and doing this. I don’t know how much these posts help, assuming they do. But i Live for the cause so to speak. “Prevention.” How do we stop Making Sexual offenders. My faith is my way to keep me on this path.

-Brent Brents 5-1-15

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so hungry for love and acceptance

I find myself so full of regrets. I was given this wise sort of ability to help people. Instead i used my hate and this same wisdom to use people. I used way to many people who approached me with open minds, hearts, and faith. I do regret the loss of some, actually most of these people. For someone so hungry for love and acceptance, I really did screw up alot of good people and opportunity.

-Brent Brents 7-23-14

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Reader Questions: Does Brent Brents Believe in God? Has He Apologized?

Note from Amy: Earlier this month I received a couple of questions to this website, Diary of a Predator, which I forwarded to Brent Brents. I received his answer today by mail, so here are the questions from the reader, and below that, my reply and Brents’.


Hello Amy Herdy,

I wonder if you’ll ever meet others.

One question–you or Brent Brents  believe in God?

He already apologized to God or to the families he destroyed?

Daniel Costa

Hi, Daniel,

Thanks for writing. In answer to your first question–I have interviewed other sexual offenders over the years, although none as predatory as Brents.

As for your second question-I do believe in a higher power, albeit not necessarily a traditional one. I write about that in the book, Diary of a Predator: A Memoir.

And here is what Brent Brents wrote:

Q: Do I believe in God?

A:  Simply Yes. I practice the Catholic faith (much to learn).

Q: Have i apologized to God or the Families i have destroyed?

A: I have asked God for his forgiveness and Mercy. As for the families, I have but i have Never expected any of them to accept my apologies. Instead i work at being a better human being, and i pray For them daily.

To Return to Q #1: I find this quote sums up faith:

“For i do Not seek to understand that i May believe, but i believe in order to understand. For this also i believe: That unless i believe, I will not understand.” –Saint Anselm

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