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Few of us really have empathy, compassion or remorse

So DENIAL is the word here. No one did what they are Locked up for. 65 % sex offenders and its either all lies or the victims fault. Or They just flat out didn’t do it. One guy has read the blog. Says i’m fucked up for my views on sex offenders. Says i should be sympathetic to “OUR” fight against the system.

Screw that, I’m not in Denial. Put me in group I’ll still Look harshly at myself and others like me. Yes there are some “one timers” as i call them. But damn few. You can die a Leopards fur but his spots are skin deep. A child molester, Rapist, Pedophile, sexual deviant is just that. Exceptions are Rare. Jus because a number don’t reoffend doesn’t make them any less capable of doing so.

Any way…Lots of us here. Few of us really have empathy, compassion or remorse. All i know for sure its Not easy for me mentaly to hear all the BS. So i really try to avoid certain conversations with people. My last three cellies are all innocent. Set up or the victim Lied. I’m beginning to think i’m the only guilty one here.

-Brent Brents

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Reader: Even as meek as he tried to make himself appear, your skin would still crawl.

I remember Brent Brents. Vividly. No, I’m not one of his victims but I am one of the deputies, now former, who worked in a jail where he was held… I bought your book, a first edition, shortly after it’s release. I was profoundly impacted by Brent during the time he was in custody. He was not a large man but had a very unique presence and one that would raise the hairs on your neck. I would say I’m fairly adept at recognizing danger and comfortable defending myself, if necessary. I also had several inches on him as I stand about 5’10” and I believe he was about 5’7”, if I remember correctly. He was housed in a maximum security unit and was allowed out one hour each day to shower, exercise, or watch tv, by himself.

Even as meek as he tried to make himself appear, your skin would still crawl. There was something fundamentally broken inside of him and that intuition we all have that makes you recognize a dangerous situation would fire off regularly, even when he was locked behind a 2 inch thick metal door. Even other inmates, in maximum security, were bothered by him.

Incidentally, he was right about one thing, the other inmates did want to kill him. We had a few really bad guys in that unit during that time. There is a hierarchy in jail, as I am sure you are aware. Child molesters are on the bottom of that with rapists being one step above. Since Brents was both, and notorious, you could say his reception was not exactly warm.

-Name withheld by request

November 14, 2018

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Letter to Natasha, part two: No One wants a rapist or child molester to bite or duck out

Here’s part two of the questions from Natasha, a reader:

I don’t believe harsher prison sentences are necessarily the answer, not in any humane way, plus they will get out eventually, and we are naive to think longer sentences = change people. I did come across some research that discussed how sexual predators are very predictable when constantly monitored (in free society); I feel that this would be far cheaper and more effective than imprisoning them.

I also feel a huge problem is the sexism and misogyny that is rampant in male-dominated policing and the police state we live in period in this eurowestern culture, including the courts. Many of these men in charge Just.Don’t.Get.It. and they are the ones making life altering decisions for survivors of rape and abuse. This woman-hating trickles down the inherently rotten hierarchy (as they all are) from politicians right down to the cops. Sure there are good ones out there, but this is not the majority. And I don’t have any answers because this system is enforced on us with violence, so any radical overhaul will be met with violence. This is where I often get stuck with my thinking…

I feel that prisons as they stand today are horrible places and dehumanizing and in no way “corrective” or “rehabilitating”, they only make distressed prisoners more distressed. I wish there was a medium — something like constant supervision of violent prisoners in order to ensure safety of self and others, but with some humanity and compassion attached to it. May I ask, what would be your ideal vision if you could wave a wand and make it happen, past mistakes aside? -Natasha

Answer from Brent:


As for an ideal vision, I hope, deeply hope that more and more people use this site for support, help, to help. That The Mental health professionals stop drawing lines in the sand on sound theories and work together to get a better handle on what it is that enables a human being to shut off the moral part of their brain and to commit violent sexual acts.

That each state prison system with sexual offenders who would be released be made to create prison environments that don’t encourage violence against them. All to often inmates will refuse treatment and be insincere in there treatment if they feel threatened. Oh I’m Not saying baby them. And if you want my honest opinion i agree with many that if a person who continues to show certain behaviors in prison should be considered for civil commitments. And any offender over the age of 35 as well.

I think the registries are good and should be more hands on supp0rtively, and less agressive in the treatment of parolees and those discharged from prison. If you keep kicking a dog it will eventualy bite or run. No One wants a rapist or child molester to bite or duck out. If they have no sence of conformity outside of prison and people to turn to for help, then there is garunteed failure in the system.

And Natasha my ideal vision is that the system get its shit together where Kids are concerned. From parents to teachers, mental health, family and friends. If you think a child is being abused cry out for that child. If we help the children we can eliminate alot of people from becoming like me.

Just as children are our future hope, they are also likely to become our predators. Especialy if we keep Making them fight abuses alone and silently.

Oh and i agree with you on the sexism issue. But in todays society even corprate women understand sex sells. So you get less and less and less women speaking out. And far to many young girls and women willing to sacrifice Their bodies and their souls. Go to a porn store sometime and pick up a playboy. Open to the publication page. Half the people on staff are women. Its the same throughout the porn industry, the movie industry and fashion. Yes we still live in a time when women are seen as sex objects. But it doesn’t help when many of our female role models obscure the lines.

The world culture is becoming a sex sells culture. And its creating a greed in the media. The same media young and impressionable children have full 100% access to in today’s internet world.

As sad as it is The Western Culture is obsessed with sex, and this tree has to many roots and branches for the few to overcome.

Thank you for using the site. I hope you go on to have a sincere and succesfull career in psychology. I hope i answered your questions adaquately. If Not I’m always here! (Prison Humor!)

-Brent Brents 11-20-11

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