being a Normal human being is No easy thing

I did know by definition what Empathy was then. I went thru to many sexual offender programs and Anger management courses and counseling sessions Not to. I knew that i should have listened to my gut when it said what i was about to do was wrong. Yes i had a clear sense of right and wrong. I think i even had a tiny bit of empathy. But on an ignorant scale. 911 i was shocked and hurt. When my favorite race car driver died i cried. I had more feelings for the suffering of animals than i did people.

I can’t say if it has been that i am finaly maturing. My facing the hard truth bout myself. The love and care that my friends and i share, or the simple willingness to open myself up and explore Me regardless of what i or anyone else discovers. That have given me the ability to experience Empathy. I like to think it is a combination of all.

But what i do recognize is that being a Normal human being is No easy thing and i used to many excuses to be “Not Normal” And Caused far to many people to suffer needlessly.

— Brent Brents

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