i am damn glad i can feel what i do

I have been asked this question, Amy has. So Many people wonder if violent people are capable of Empathy. I feel ashamed of my answer to be honest. It is Not easy to say that it really is a question of my Mental State. I want to give a resounding “yes!” But That would only be a lie.

As for the why or why Not i leave that to those who are in a position to study and learn such things. As for me i am damn glad i can feel what i do of empathy when i do. Because when i do the world sure is better. And i don’t feel like a giant creep. He the creep i hate. He is unfortunately me and i really wish he wasn’t. Regardless of what people think, I Never did enjoy what i did. That was a very violent, bitter, angry and emotionally screwed up animal. One who hurt people and None of those people deserved that.

— Brent Brents

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