if i asked for the death penalty

Hey I was wondering what do you think they would do if i asked for the death penalty or summery execution. I believe i can make a strong case for the courts. I’m not sure how to go about it. I think i would have to ask the state courts first. Then go thru their appelet process, exhaust it. Then move to the US Federal Courts. Of course i would need legal help. Since i can’t afford that i would have to get a judge to appoint me legal council. I kinda know the basic process. But not well enough to be effective at any level without council.

After all Amy what kind of life do i have to look forward to. If i go to G.P. I will be killed or hurt. If i am hurt i end up in here anyway. If i am killed well i am killed. I could go to G.P. and when the eventual happens make sure someone sues on my behalf (money to charity of course) But thats not a game i want to play. Truthfully if i die i want it to be on my terms. What is my life worth. I”m costing tax payers around $150 a day, Roughly $54,000 a year. Can you imagine what ten to fifteen more years will cost. It cost the state about $50,000 to execute an inmate in over all costs. The feds even less.

Louisiana executes sexual offenders. They say our quality of living is ok. But i think living this way erodes the human brain and i will tell you those 7 days in G.P. were really hard on me. Not because of worry but because i have become seriously fucked up in my brain. I am worse than antisocial. I just have lost some ability to communicate. Ad to that my issues, and i was in fight or flight mode 24 hours a day.

I literaly have a deep hatred for the people around me. It’s the same old shit i have lived with my whole life and it’s a poison i detest. And i detest those who spew it forth. I hate the guards. The suits. The whole system. Its one perpetual life, falsehood and blackhole that eats your soul up. Quality of life my ass. I’m so worn out Amy.

I wish i could have a more peaceful life. But i will tell you this in all sincerity. No matter how much of a toll this takes on me. I will do it honestly because i owe it to them. All of them. They are to many like me who sit idle and never think of or care for those they victimize. I did that for the first 16. Not this time. No matter how much i feel like dying i won’t do it. I will stick it out.

Brent Brents, 3-9-11

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