a mood stabilizer called Depacote

So either tomorrow morning or evening i start on a mood stabilizer called Depacote. As you know i have been struggling greatly with the mental health issues. For a great many years. So it is time to stop and try to get a handle on it. Or at least try. More than you can ever know this decision really has broken my spirit. If there was one thing i felt good about it was that i could control my bipolar self. Having to admit defeat sucks. I feel less and yet, i am relieved. I just hope it works.

Ok heres how it’s going to work according to my psychiatrist. To start with i will take 250 mg. of the Depacote 2X a day for three weeks. Then either raise, take me off and try some different or leave it as is. This all depends on how i adjust to it mentaly and physicaly.

Phase two will be to address specificly my obsessive compulsivety and anxiety with Zoloft or a drug like it, again in a small doses to see if i will be stable on this drug type.

Phrase three, if one and two are sucessful i will then start a drug like Zyprexa this is specifically to help me gain a consistant sleep pattern. Getting hopefully 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. She (my psych) thinks that alot of my mental health issues are due to Never having had a consistant sleep routine in my life. Sleeping in little 1 to 2 hour blocks and having restless sleep is seriously bad for the brain she tells me. @* REALLY! REALLY! REALLY! NO YOU DON’T SAY! Ok so that’s the plan.

Brent Brents, 2-21-11

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