Just the bi polar Moon

So you’ll notice notice not so tiny writing. But more envelopes will be coming your way. I’m now on a high. The damn bi polar mood swing sucks. It would have been nice to hit a middle ground. Now I’m sitting here high as a kite (Not drug). Just the bi polar Moon. I’m all full of energy, fidgity paranoid, hypersensitive. Who needs meth. Man my brain is fucked up. To be honest i am glad i am Not the opposite type of biopolar where i am high all the time. The good thing about depression is i sleep 75 % of the time at least. So i miss alot of the emotional stuff. But it’s the high end and just shy of the low end suck.The middle is ok. A little bit of both in short periods is manageable.
Brent Brents,  12-21-10 6:30 p.m.

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