what about men really?

I heard a group of young men speak on whether or not true love exists. What i heard made me sad on a couple of counts and so very deeply grateful on others. “Women are bitches.” Man i am so sick of that view of the better sex. Screw all the obvious reasons why women are better. Just ask what about men really? We are slobs, disrespectful intentionaly or not. We’re cowards on the show emotion front. If there were a remote control that opened and closed  your legs and mouth, made you cook dinner, bring us a beer or dress us we’d own ten. If it wasn’t such a “big deal” we’d all cheat. We fart burp piss on the whole toilet never mind that Giant hole where we should piss. We leave hair in the sink, ring around the tub. We’re never wrong, Lost or Confused. If we can’t eat it, fuck it, shoot it ride it or Order it around It aint worth a shit .Basicaly we are perpetual infants and toddlers. Yet we somehow manage to win your affections, and for the most part, know when to say yes dear. Yes  you are much much smarter. And in rare rare instances there is true love.
Brent Brents, 12-21-10 10:15 p.m.

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