Prison Rules 3

If your not in the gangs steer the fuck clear of them. Never keep drugs or weapons on you when you don’t need them and close at hand if you do. Junkies are considered weak. And drugs inevitably lead to conflict. If you have a hook up (a yard of staff member) who does you favors, Never tell a soul. If your having sex inmate or staff, Always be safe. Stay as healthy as possible always. Physicaly and emotionaly. And lastly the #1 rule about Prison Just when you think you have it all figured out, you find out you don’t know shit! Nothing is at seems and everything is what it is. Or so you think. There are about a Million MOre rules to go over. But they are to Numerous and exhausting. Things like don’t Mix with other races. Don’t sit at this table or that one. This gang gets the weight pile at this time. This phone is for these guys Yada Yada Ya.So Much B.S. Yet oddly important to your survival (Literaly!) If you think real politics are out there, They aint shit compared to prison politics. No one at the GOP Conventions will stab you 70 times if you call them a liar. In prison a candidate for position is likely to be killed to eliminate the opposition. In America Barrack was elected to run the country. In prison no black man will ever run a prison. Maybe a gang. But only white men run prisons on the inside.

–Brent Brents

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