Prison Rules 2

Mind your own business at all times but be aware of whats going on around you at all times. Learn to read the environment and the people. Their eyes faces and body movements can tell you any number of things. Whos carrying drugs or contraband or a weapon. Who’s paranoid or scared. Who’s confident and secure in themselves. Who’s volatile and Angry. Who’s about to attack you or someone else Learn when to make eye contact and when not to. To apologize without being weak or seeming weak. How to speak without being disrespectful. Listen more than you speak. You learn more and it keeps predators wary of your true strength. Challenge those who disrespect you with confidence and respect. Don’t talk down to people, challenge their intelligence. Even if you know your smarter or right about something. If it doesn’t directly affect you leave it be. Never borrow beg or steal. You’ll only end up in debt you can not get out of, sucking cock or getting fucked in the ass. Or dead. Never enter a place without an exit strategy. Never go into an enemies area of the yard or gym. Their cell or restroom areas showers, toilets, sinks, urinals etc. (yes Races and the Gangs all have turf in prison.) Don’t make nice with the cops. Give them just enough respect so they do the same for you. Don’t act suspicious or too cool…

–Brent Brents

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  1. D D

    Dang. I will forever thank my mother for keeping me on the straight and narrow..

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