Prison Rules

I can’t help but hear people’s conversations. Sadly its the same old clap trap violent, drug and sex fueled lies and half truths and sad truths of you and old criminals. Young men who think They know it all, old men who have seen it all and still failed to gain wisdom from it…Angry young white men who are seeking some kind of Love and recognition. There are the National Latino gangs that exist there Surenos and Nortanos (southerners and northerners.) The National White Gang Arian Brotherhood. The rules are generally the same. Same criminals. Just different Names and faces. Close security here is Just as dangerous and volatile as Limon, Centenial or Sterling. Baby rapers must die, sex offenders are pieces of shit and fair game. Survival is the name of the game trust No one. Watch your back as well as you can. And if you do have to fight, Fight as if your life depends on it. Well because it does. If you win the first encounter it doesn’t mean you’ve won the fight. Its probably not over and it may not be the same opponent in the second or third encounter. One must Never fear Killing another human being. Because they don’t fear the consequences of killing you.

–Brent Brents

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