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Amsterdam Reader: we must find a way toward a broader solution

Note from Amy: The following response is from the woman who started the loop of this conversation–the one living in Amsterdam. And I am heartened by the intelligent, thoughtful and respectful discussions that occur on this Diary of a Predator website, so thank you to those who care enough to speak up:

We are all together on this planet, and some of us have been more fortunate than others.  I have had several family members violently attacked, so this is not written from a place unscathed; however, Christianity does teach forgiveness and not just when it is easy or convenient.
My perspective is not intended to allow the perpetrators a “pass”, but to acquire some level of understanding and knowledge which could help to prevent these abnormalities from developing and proliferating.  If we are truly serious about finding solutions,  throwing offenders into jail is just one part of the answer.  Currently, a violent sexual offender is going to be released into American society after his stint in prison:  has anything been done to rehabilitate this person?  How will we cope with this “time bomb” if no intervention or therapy has been offered?  Soon prisons will not be able to contain all of them.
In previous centuries mental illness was considered an evil, but education and research have shown that this “illness” can be treated with therapy and drugs.  Human society is better for this improvement.   The onset of AIDS had people living in fear and treating victims as pariahs, but research has developed new treatments and we are progressing toward eliminating this scourge.  Could we not apply this type of thinking to this problem?  Shouldn’t we as humans try to advance our understanding and knowledge?
I know Brent’s crimes are particularly difficult to come to terms with, and I do believe he belongs in prison, however, we must find a way toward a broader solution.
I am not Dutch, I was raised in Canada, but have spent most of my adult life in the United States where these crimes seem to be on the rise.  Currently, I am living and working in the Netherlands from where I am writing this correspondence.
Sincerely, Theresa L.

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