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Reader Reaction to Amsterdam Comment: Easy to say if you yourself are not a victim

Note from Amy: I received the following as a comment to this Diary of a Predator website, which is about the case of serial rapist Brent Brents. The comment was apparently a reaction to the reader who said she was interested in understanding perpetrators of violent crimes . Most of the comment was written in Dutch, so I put the English translation (per Go0gle Translate) beneath it:

For the Dutch lady: easy to say if you yourself are not a victim of this disgusting guy!

Voor de Nederlandse dame: makkelijk praten als je zelf niet een slachtoffer bent van deze walgelijke kerel!! Men heeft altijd een keuze tussen goed en kwaad, ongeacht of je zelf een slachtoffer was, immers als men dat niet had of heeft zit de halve wereld in de bak! Dus complete onzin.
Voor deze lui als Brent Brents wegwezen kost de maatschappij alleen maar geld.

(Translation: One always has a choice between good and evil, whether you were a victim yourself, after all, if one has not had or is half the world into the bin! So complete nonsense.
For these guys as Brent Brents now costs society only money.)


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Amsterdam Reader: I am interested in understanding perpetrators of violent crimes

Note from Amy: It’s always gratifying to receive encouraging notes like the one below sent from the Netherlands to this Diary of a Predator website after the viewer saw the Paula Zahn show about the Brent Brents serial rapist case. She asks an evocative question at the end:

Dear Amy,

I saw the segment on Paula Zahn yesterday and couldn’t get you and Brents out of my mind. I frequently have heated discussions with my partner when I am interested in understanding perpetrators of violent crimes, particularly crimes against women. All too often we are confused with being “soft” or “sympathetic.”

You are the first person I have encountered, other than Sr. Mary Prejean, who has a religious motivation, that wants to try understand perpetrators. I agree with the statement “hate the sin, but not the sinner.”

Bravo on your efforts! Where were all the Christians when he (Brent Brents) was being abused?

Sincerely, Theresa

Time: July 13, 2013 at 6:42 am

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