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As a result of your latest post i have made the decision to not say that rape is worse than murder


Hello there. I am excited to reply to your latest post. I wrote 1 reply already. But my stoopid tablet dumped the whole thing. 😦 Any way i must first thank U sincerely Emily. Your engaging Amy and i in these dialogues is awesome. As U know Amy and i had set goals from the start w/ the blog. Engaging people in honest and truthful dialogues about the tuff subject of rape and any and all types of other physical, mental, sexual, and verbal abuses was 1 of them.

These are not dialogues for the feint of heart. Your courage and willingness to put yourself, your story, and your healing process out there. Is freakin awesome. Believe me when i tell U there is one or more someones out there who have been and will be encouraged by your strength.

Ok about my thought and feeling that rape is worse than murder. It now seems disrespectful in a way. After reading your latest post. I have had to reevaluate my thinking. In that thinking i took for granted that the survivor has the power to heal. And the purpatrator was the weak one from the beginning.

U are correct. The survivor only gives credance to the emotional death if they choose to give the abuser the power over themselves. While i agree w/ this. I also acknowledge that not all survivors are emotionaly equiped to deal w/ this in the way U have.

That is why i believe it be truly inspiring and helpfull for people such as yourself to use this blog and others to speak out. As a result of your latest post i have made the decision to not say that rape is worse than murder. While debilitating to all survivors. Rape can be overcome. Where as murder is a permanent thing.

I also think that your coming to a place of forgiveness w/ your attackers is absolute growth. While thanking them has taken the power you gave them in your emotional recovery. Please continue to engage us in these dialogues. One more thing Emily, if time petmits. Will U please read the posts from other survivors.

-Brent Brents

January 23, 2018

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mental health

Note from Amy: “Adseg” refers to “administrative segregation,” or keeping a prisoner isolated from other prisoners, as Brent Brents is.
AdSeg is typically done as punishment; in Brents’ case, it’s done to protect him from other prisoners.

Here is the official definition, from the National Institute of Justice website: Prisoners are placed in solitary confinement, or administrative segregation, for violent or disruptive behavior. AS typically involves single-cell confinement for 23 hours daily; inmates are allowed one hour out of the cell for exercise and showers.

I realy am sick of Adseg. It realy does a Number on ones physical and mental health. I just have to keep up the hope and hard work. Have faith right.

-Brent Brents 4-28-15

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I am a higher function mental case

One things for sure T.V. or No This place has been grating on my Nerves for the last couple of months. I am a higher function mental case, so all these guys who can’t handle this life are realy getting old quick. I got to do this class. and i honestly need it. I’m seriously allergic to human beings in general. But i have to Learn how to live with them, and not in a predatorily defensive way.

-Brent Brents 4-8-15

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I lost 2 days

Ok Some how I lost 2 days 22nd and 23rd. I am seriously baffled, befuddled, Confounded, Confused, stoopified, and many other words one can think of for loosing 2 whole days. 😦 Wow i need Mental help i think. Oh Right the Stoopid medicine. I’m really sorry I got no excuse.

So anyway it thursday this much I can confirm. I am always so tired and forgetful. I Normally write things down. But even thats been slipping my mind.

-Brent Brents 9-25-14

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