a woman struggling to find her center

Every human being searches for self enlightenment. If we didn’t religion wouldn’t exist.

Just think Amy where you once tried to tell their stories and got only edited versions out to the world with little or no help to them. Now you tell their stories in the truest way by giving them a venue to do so. You’ve told your story. You might think at times whats so enteresting about my story. I’m just another Pedestrian at a crosswalk a face in the crowd. The only thing people will see is i have a serial rapist for a friend. And they’ll hate me for it.

So heres what i believe the common sense down to earth people will see My friend. They’ll see the story of a woman struggling to find her center, The good in life. She’s seeking safety in love. The good in people instead of her cynical mistrust. They’ll see some part of themselves in you. Like it or hate it really doesn’t matter. The ones who respond vehemently Amy have their own unresolved issues.

Look we both know there’s a part of you who like them will Never forget. And know as surely as they do what i did. Things Not even the greater public knows. There was a part of you who hated me, was truly sickened by me. Who struggled then and even now to reconcile how i fit into that place you gave me in your life. If they think this was easy they are fools. And Those who spew the venomous hate at you because of me or their own tormentor are losing out on the truth.

Brent Brents 9-11-11 7:30 /p.m.

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