crayons and coloring books

My two library books i got on Mondays order, one was ok but way to short a pocket mystery/spy novel. The other a Murder Mystery is missing 65 pages right in the middle of the book. šŸ˜¦ Assholes!!!
I swear They should give these little illiterate shits crayons and coloring books. This library has Yates, O’Henry, Shakespeare, Milton and a bunch of other really Good Poets, Playwrites and Authors. But they are all trashed. Because Anything that isn’t Fucking, Killing, or druging Sucks! Weak minded Motherfuckers. Shakespear! Awesome Murder, Sexual Plots. I can’t remember the poet who ended up broke and literaly drug addicted in Boston in the 1880s. But we Love his work. Poe. If ever there was an addicted Poet!

These guys don’t realize that opium and cocain have been here for a long long time. And many of the greats wrote in drug addicted fogs, or about the addicted life. They Trash anything Jewish. Especially the Skin heads. They don’t even realize their hero was part Jewish himself and stole a great deal of his manifesto from the CZARist Russians of the late 1800s and early 1900s. That their idols the SS an German Soldiers were rapists of Jewish girls and boys. How can you idolize people who starve children or burn people in ovens. Just about every book in this library is trashed in some way and more than anything it’s a sad statement of what hate and ignorance breed in the human race.

Brent Brents 9-7-11

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