Deaf as Deaf can be

This fat Nazi piece of shit keeps running his mouth. Trying to mind everyones business but his own. Today he decided to expand his list. No Sweat though. You know me. Deaf as Deaf can be when i want to be. But i did have one good and very positive aspect of my day. I saw the Dr., and it was a good meeting. She upped my Depakote to 750 mgs A.M. and P.M. And also put me on a medicine called Clomipramine (I think) at night for my Compulsive disorder. So wish me luck. And she put a referal in for me to get an eye exam asap. Not that that will do any good. But She’s concerned one of my other Meds is causing me to maybe have miopia.

–Brent Brents, 7-7-11

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