Save the empathy for those who are in need of it

Bruce i don’t want anyone to justify what i did either. Not in the slightest. There are absolutely no excuses for what i did. I made the choices to do what i did, to hurt the people i did. I chose to do so with sexual violence. The same sexual violence i endured and came to understand in a sick dangerous way. I embraced it as a weapon because i knew the power and depth of emotional torture one could inflict thru sexual violence. Nothing can justify that.

Bruce goes on to say We all have problems and bad times in our lives. But not everyone goes that road i did. Absolutely true. Thus one of the motives for the TV and radio shows, the website and book. What is different between people like myself and those who survived, and got on with the process of life without victimizing others.

No Bruce i shouldn’t be idolized or empathized with. Yes i agree with the empathy part. Save the empathy for those who are in need of it. Those who were victims and truly need it, those who are as you read this being victimized and those who will be in the future.

“He is an animal, who chose to hurt people and rightly so, He Should Never see the light of day, outside a cell.” There are 365 days a year and probably 360 of them i agree. I have asked people to post their ideas about how to deal with people like myself. Well Bruce has done so. Not every opinion is going to be popular, Not every idea feasable, Not every thought clear, but this is what this site is for. Bruce No matter how you think or feel about me, I thank you for your post. You obviously didn’t like the program, but you care about the victims of violence to post your thoughts and feelings on this site. It may not mean Shit coming from me. But there are many out there who you can speak for. Thank you.

Brent Brents

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