your way of healing your own wounds

Don’t think i don’t know how emotionaly gut wrenching My Crimes and what you read on the site are. I know it is all heavy on your heart. I have Never taken that for granted Amy. I know how  truly gentle your heart is. Your tuff when you need to be. But you can’t hide your compasion or empathy. You stand your ground with confidence and strength but you balance it all with great humility. I firmly believe you are the one meant to do this. You can be seriously pissed off, Yet have the lions heart to protect the broken people and animals. You will always have a cynical reporter inside. We all have a part that doubts the world around us. But you stand taller and look past your cynicism. Helping the broken is your way of healing your own wounds.

Brent Brents, 11-4-10

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