A Sad Shitty truth

Bruce says i gave up the right to be a human being. The truth is that i am not sure i ever truly knew what a human being was, or how to be one. What Bruce considers “Normal human behavior” was foriean and uncomfortable to me. And i simply didn’t know how to practice it, much less do it Your right bruce i did give up that right each time i acted out my rage and insecurities upon defenseless human beings.

Bruce reminds us that i said “I would continue to hurt, if i were released.”

A Sad Shitty truth! I doubt i would rape. at this point things are much different in my brain. The truth is i would probably find the first heroin dealer i could find and buy enough dope to o’d on. Simply because i didn’t then Nor do i now, have the mental ability to be a functioning free person. I don’t want to hurt anyone ever again.

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