So i am on the manic side

ok so i tried to sleep . Key word (TRIED) it isn’t easy being bi polar and mentaly fucked up. I swear there must be a Dung beetle running around in my brain. Packing shit balls in all the very wrong places. So i am on the manic side right now.

When i was a kid in juvenile i spent alot of time in isolation because i just couldn’t get a handle on the bi polar mania. And wow the isolation took a hell of a toll on me. I often retreated into this fantacy land where i had a family and all was well. Amy i was so lonely as a kid in juvy. We all were. It was worse on some of us. And the really bad thing is that there were some realy good people who really tried to help me. I just couldn’t overcome my trust issues enough to accept it honestly. And i was so so screwed up mentaly. I still don’t understand how i have come to be able to manage the ups and downs with the ability i have now. And they are much worse now. I do believe that you are a big part of it. Plus age and maturity.

– Brent Brents, 10-24-10 8 30 a.m.

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