I witnessed the brutal terror of domestic violence

So recently i saw a T.V. program on Domestic Violence. I was saddened by the statistics but not surprised. As a child i witnessed the brutal terror of Domestic Violence in my own parents relationship. Frankly i am amazed my mother is alive. And i just wonder how i had the courage to try to keep him from beating her but had the cowardess to become just like him.

Any way what i am writing about is marital rape and for lack of knowledge what i will call domestic rape. I have seen marital rape. And it is i think the most violent torterous control a man can exercise over their spouse. And over the years i have been told it is the least reported rape.

The Domestic Rape (boyfriend, girlfriend) As a teenager and young adult i was guilty of this and i saw alot of my friends do the same. Sometimes it is outright rape. But most often it occurs in the If you love me form of manipulation. Young girls and women with little experience or relationship knowledge succumb to sexual dominance by their partners because of fear or fear of Losing the partners love. And well i don’t care what the experts say we know what we are doing when we pressure and manipulate our partners like this. Its rape at worst and sexual abuse at least.

I don’t know all the dinamics of this type of sexual assault. But i do know it’s very very common and becoming more so in our teen and young adult cultures. So as this website is about helping and healing, I am making a plea to any professional persons who are knowledgeable about this subject to please use this site to educate all of us. But especially those vulnerable to this type of sexual abuse.

Brent Brents 10-5-10 9:20 p.m.

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