Like sucks some days

The funk has rendered me depressed. Honestly i don’t really feel like writing, eating, watching T.V., showering. Just Sleeping. But i know better…There is a hill about 600 yards out from here, i keep hoping some sniper would put me down. I know Fat chance. Just how i am feeling don’t worry. Just Missing contact ya know. That and trying not to let some of those staff get under my Skin. Inmate thats a given, but when the staff especialy the ones with authority make a point of screwing with me it gets irritating…But i keep my peace. I really want not to be like i used to be. Even when they treat me like Shit i still say please and thank you, Yes sirs/maems/No Sirs/Maems. Ask politely and don’t let them Goad me into anything. One put the cuffs on so tight the other day the pain in my wrist damn near caused me to pass out. But i just caught my balance went to the shower and Never said a word. Like sucks some days.

-Brent Brents 7-18-10 430/p.m.

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