Keepin my peace

I’m glad i got that sleep today. Cause it don’t look like i am going to get my for awhile. Not my fault. These two motor mouth little Lets get justice female c/os made sure of that today. Ya know i get hating me but don’t be a two faced cunt. All nice to my face then turn around and stab me by telling your little buddy in here who i am and how you feel i should die. Nothing like a bitch cop playing on the sympathies of an inmate who wants to fuck you. At least the other guards have balls enough to front me face to face. That i can respect and handle without feeling hate or bitterness. But then thats what i have to learn to deal w/ without letting the rage take over. I’m ok though. Keepin my peace.

-Brent Brents 7-16-10 10/ p.m.

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