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I’m the only sex offender in this pod.

So yes i’m stressed out big time. I’m the only sex offender in this pod. There are 5 guys who tolerate me, the rest would like to fuck me up, Their words.

Well i promised you i’d not fight back if i could help it. But if someone comes in my cell i might have to. I will try awful hard Amy. But if its a matter of getting hurt real bad, i’ll have to protect myself. U know my faith, i’ll turn the other cheek if i can. Hell i’ll even run from the fight if i have to. 🙂

My fear is not about getting beat up for a minute or so. Its losing every thing i’ve worked for… staying off admins ” screw up ” radar. I just want to live a quiet life.

But intel hung me out to to be a target in this ” soft ” pod. Becouse i’m not only the only sex creep, or chomo as they love to refer to me as. But some of these guys still act like they are active gang members. I could check in from the check in pod. But what would that accomplish.

I’m just tired of the hate, but i didn’t give those i hurt any choice about the hate and pain i put them thru. So why bitch and whine right. So i’ll deal w/ the sick stomach, the headaches, and constant motor mouthing and U should die looks. Besides its loud in here so i dont mind spending more time in my cell than being out in the day hall.

I just hope one of these idiots doesn’t try to bully me by stealing or taking my stuff. That will lead to violence. I will not put up w/ it period. I hate bully’s…

Dont worry i’ll curl up and or run away from a fight unless its in my cell. Thats the worriesome one as far as a fight goes. Too easy to get hurt bad.

-Brent Brents


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a healthy balance of Love and support

I do think that treatment of 1st time sexual offenders in the juvinile and the adult system should be one of close scrutiny on the persons thoughts and feelings from a psychological viewpoint, support from friends and family. If they are not available or lack the moral fiber, then the system should find a willing family that wants to be there for emotional and social support.

The institution should be a specific institution to treat sex offenders only. And there should be a healthy balance of Love and support from people not connected to the system and from those who work with the offender in the system.

Psychology should be there, but with an understanding that a group effort to mature the offenders sense of empathy and compasion. Especially the younger offenders.

-Brent Brents 10-29-11

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