my Racial and bigoted self

So Amy back to last Nights thoughts. Right my Racial and bigoted self. Rarely do i react with extreme prejudice. I often like i try to handle situations with men or women of different Races, In a decent way. But the truth is i am just like most people of any Race. We’ve certain misconceptions. Blacks like fried chicken, Asians like Rice and Raw fish, white people hate every one, etc. The truth is we are all situationaly Racial. No matter our Race. In prison Racial segregation Is a must for every ones survival. Every one has to choose Right from the start whether or not they are going to be victims or Victimizers in prison. Sheep or wolves. Young white boys hangin with the blacks or hispanics automaticly gets a Lable of some kind. It’s just the law If your not with your own, your weak or No good.

Me i have always chosen to be the wolf. But when i cam back to prison my case automaticly put me in the Sheeps pen. Am i a true hate monger, No. I think Hitler was a psycho with to many people just like him. Do i trust blacks, hispanics, or asian, or any other race? Hell No. This is prison. 99 % of the people you enteract with want something from you.

–Brent Brents 5-1-15

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