A Reader Weighs in on Chemical Castration

Note from Amy: I posted a comment from convicted serial rapist Brent Brents about chemical castration, and it prompted an interesting response from a reader in Montreal, Canada, who wrote to this Diary of a Predator website that he turned to that as an alternative after having sexual relationships with both women and men. The original post from Brent Brents and the reader’s response to it are below:

Well my only real issue lately is my OCD. It’s real real hard (No Pun intended) to Not want to masturbate or Push the fantacies out of my head. I can’t masturbate because of the meds anyway. Chemical Castration so to speak. You might i would be sad or upset by that. Honestly No I couldn’t be happier about that part of my life. It sure makes it easier to push the fantacies aside and eases the compulsion to masturbate or wash my hands every 5 minutes. Because I equate the fantacies with dirty hands.


-Brent Brents 3-13-2013

Reader comment:

Castration is not all that bad, there are some bad and some sides. I’m not a sex criminal but I’ve used anti androgen for 8 years. I can’t produce testosterone any more.

In 1995 at 42 y.o. I search infos on the web about castration. I’ve discovered Yahoo groups and Eunuch .org. I found out about chemical castration and I started to used a natural product called “Saw Palmetto”  this acts like “finasteride” an anti androgen. The transition went smooth. Within few months I could no longer get an erection and it didn’t bothered me because I had no desire for sex. Like other chemical castration this doesn’t eliminate all sex drive but brings it to a low level not enough to have an urge for sex. So I was satisfied being sexless. This went on for 8 years, this is why I said castration is not all that bad, other wise I’d have quit long before. During that period I was doing office work. I already had some side effects but they were bearable. I switched jobs to field work, first I thought I was out of shape but it went from bad to worst and I couldn’t do it any more. The castration side effects were just unbearable and I was very depressed. I quit the anti androgen, after few months my T level remained close to castration level. In 2005, my doctor suggested me to start Testosterone Replacement Therapy and I am on it since then. I’ve regained my sexual functions but my libido is still under control. I rarely have sex, perhaps once a year. I suggest to all castrated men to be very cautious about theirs health, eat healthy, take vitamin D and calcium, exercise everyday, keep your weight under control and don’t expect to work as hard as intact men. Castrated men are diminished men. If you remain fit you should avoid castration side effects. Good luck to all.

You may post it if you want perhaps this could help others. I’m opposed to mandatory castration for sex criminals but I support castration as therapy not only for criminals  but for all men who ask for it. There are a lot of men that wish to be castrated , we all have our own reasons.
-Jacques 6/28/2013

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