if we are to change futures

Here’s another comment sent to this website today by Kathy, who heard the interview  on Colorado Public Radio regarding my book, Diary of a Predator: A Memoir, which is about my experiences covering the case of serial rapist Brent Brents.

“Thank you so much. You told truths that are hard to hear but necessary if we are to change futures. I am glad you helped Mr. Brents find his humanity.”

You are welcome, Kathy, and it’s folks like you who take the time to connect who inspire me. So thank you for for writing.


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  1. Megan L.

    I am a therapist that works with traumatized children and was deeply touched by this book. The stories I have heard and seen in re-enacted during play therapy sessions are disturbing and heart breaking. I cried through much of this book–something I don’t allow myself to do while providing therapy.

    When children live with constant horror and abuse in their home, the effects run deep. Add to that abandonement, then you have the perfect recipe for disaster. I find hope in reaching children while they still have a chance to heal. Sadly, often the system fails to protect them despite best intentions. Thank you for this heartwrenching story and for giving me faith that the work I do just might make a difference.

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