Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace and others like her. I can appreciate bringing attention to violent crime. But i get so pissed off with her and others like her. She is so Antagonistic. And she’s a fame Dame. She doesn’t seem to get that her platform is something to be thankful for. And if she really was so outraged she would use her platform for more than the gum flapping she does everyday. If she’s so pro victim then be humble. Quietly hire investigators to help victims families find clues to help solve the crimes, or find the missing. She’s getting rich for being antagonistic, loud and unproductive. Unless we call pissing off the authorities, taking advantage of grieving families and victims productive.

If she were truly outraged like she acts on her show, she wouldn’t be acting that way. She should be pro active. Do things that aren’t in front of the camera lens.

Brent Brents 3-26-12

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