showing children kindness

Ryan Warner of Colorado Public Radio interviewed me regarding my book about covering the case of serial rapist Brent Brents, Diary of a Predator: A Memoir, and I’ve been very gratified by the positive reaction I’ve received.

Today I received a comment to this website that said in part:

“I just heard you on NPR. Kol ha’Kavod, Hebrew for ‘All the respect.’…You quoted what I think is the opening quote of the book, about showing children kindness. Please put this in a prominent place on your website…”

So here ’tis. Happy holiday, all.

November 2010
To the reader:
As you read this book, you may find yourself experiencing a wide range of emotions. But I ask of you only to keep an open mind.
You may very well find yourself full of opinion towards myself and the author. No matter how you feel about me or my actions—hate me, be wary of my sincerity if you choose—please, if you are a parent, planning on being a parent or are someone who is responsible for the wellbeing of children: Treat them with dignity, respect and love. Be good role models. Teach them empathy, compassion and integrity. Regardless of your financial, emotional and physical situations, show them how to overcome and achieve. Be loving and attentive. Listen to them, hear them, spend time with them and nurture them. Most of all, give them your heart forever so that they will become good people.
—B. Brents

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