a moment of pure empathy

Ladies and Gentleman it is my sad duty to report to you that the King of Rock-N-Roll Elvis Arrow Presley was found dead in his hotel bathroom this morning. I will Miss him as i am sure all of you will. 33 years later i can still remember those exact words on the Radio in our Oldsmobile 88 as we sat in a Safeway parking lot. My Mom sobbing uncontrollably. I didn’t really get it. But she was hurting so i hurt. Somewhere that compasionate little boy got Lost. He is there for you and Ellen. And for others who suffer. Yet he can completely Disapear when he is hurt or angered. 33 years ago today a great singer performer died. And somehow on that aniversary today i remember a moment of pure empathy for someone who i have hated, and often wished would have loved me.

– Brent Brents, 8-16-11 10/20 p.m.

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