Pro Rodeo bull under a bull rider

I’M a bit better today. So heres the deal. Fatigue in extremes caused by the medicine and my brain is fighting like a Pro Rodeo bull under a bull rider. So Although one part of my brain is worn out completely, the other part is 100% alive and extremely agitated. Mania isn’t even close to a good discription. And to top all that off i am feeling the fatigue and anxiety/mania physically. If i lay down to read ZOOM bing sleep city. So i sit up and i get restless so i walk around my cell. And i also get the shakes in my hand if don’t hold the book w/ two hands. My brain is really rebelling against the meds.

But i will tell you it’s working The mania is leveling off. The compulsive stuff is less than it was. I will always be a clean freak. But the other stuff is decreasing in entensity. Its gettin better. I am going to ask for the 25 mg of clomipramine in the A.M. to be added to the 25 mg at night so i won’t be so sluggish During the day.

– Brent Brents, 8-2-11

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