I’m walkin a fine line

The DR is now two weeks late on seeing me. She said the second of June. I know she has alot of us to see. And its not easy. But i am Not liking the medication process right now. These Mood swings are 2005 Mood Swings. If the drugs make it worse when they stop working i might not Make it.

I was really Feeling ok for a bit. Even with the side effects of the Zoloft i liked Not having to worry about the physical part of the one problem. What if they can’t find a non Zombie combination of Meds Amy .I don’t want to be one of those people who i saw at the state hospital when i was there. They were so pathetic and barely human.

I can’t understand why the Depakote just shut off. And i hate the intensity of the Mood Swings. I’m walkin a fine line.

–Brent Brents, 6-17-11

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