I think i had one of those things again

I hope you’re sleeping better than me right now. My brain is all fucked up. I think i had one of those things again. when i came out of it i knew where i was almost immediately but i couldn’t make sense of 1 + 1, Felt like i had forgotten something critical. Just couldn’t get straight. Still kinda wierded out. I know i was asleep when i had it. But i guess it feels worse than the ones i have while awake. Alot of confusion and my tongue lips and jaw are still numb. Plus my eye finaly straightened out. It was trying to get to know my other eyeball. Hey haven’t seen you here before, what’s your name? Ya know i wish i didn’t have these things. They really are scary. Absolutely no control of my brain. That sucks.

Brent Brents, 1-4-11 1 15/A.M.

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