the junior predator upstairs

A young black man has been challenging all the younger and weaker inmates in the pod acting like a big man. When he’s really not much. But he’s irritating nonetheless. It’s pretty easy to talk a big game behind a locked door. For some of us who have the skill and have on many occasions used it and are confident in it There is no need to be up at the door screaming threats. It’s a simple matter of when  you see that person you try to kill them end of story. No talk no negotiations. Just business. If you get hurt or die thats just how it goes. Of course if your not at the door acting childish or foolish then the chances of finding yourself in a conflict are far less. And just being an adult and Not getting involved in prison politics in the first place is the best and brightest move any one can make. It’s a stoopid thing to do. There really is only one trustworthy candidate when it comes to self preservation in here. “Yourself!” Allies become enemies in the blink of an eye. Enemies are often better friends. Because you know where they stand. So as i sit here I watch, i listen, i learn and i evolve. Self preservation. And manage to ignore the junior predator upstairs who is a lesser food chain kind of person.
Brent Brents, 12-23-10  9 50/p.m.

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