Not seeing any action statements

Society isn’t always going to like, agree with or even respect what we are doing i do get that Amy. And i am perfectly ok with peoples feelings of outrage, disgust, mistrust and outright hatred for me and what i have done. As i told you its how its expressed. Deborah did it in a hurtful mean vicious way towards you. Simply Not cool. The way Pez-Bruce Lawrence is great. Expression without belittling you. What they say about me or how they say it doesn’t matter to me. I won’t disrespect the site or victims by letting my pride become the focus. I am also kinda depressed about Not Seeing any action statements. I guess i thought there would be more effort by people on that front. But i know it isn’t an easy thing for people to do.

–Brent Brents, 11-15-10 900 /p.m.

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