“i look in the mirror and my self worth takes a dump”

I just finished watching Oprah. She had a guy named Greg Milligan and his sister on. They were raped and abused by Their mother. Its heart wrenching to sit here and hear his story and see how it affects him. I have this respect for him because he didn’t turn out like me. IN fact he seems to be a real good man. So i think it would do you some good to go on line and watch todays show. Greg Milligan is his name. I think what you see will seriously freaked at how he and i could have swapped lives as children and been Perfectly at home in each others lives. Sickly and Sadly. Yet somehow he managed to Not become me. I wonder if you were able to talk to him maybe you could see what was different that helped him…Ya know a decent comparison of how i became me and how he suceeded. Just a thought. I see people like this guy and i look in the mirror and my self worth takes a dump.

-Brent Brents, Feb. 15, 2010

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