A letter from Brent Brents

To the reader:

As you read this, you may find yourself experiencing a wide range of emotions. But I ask of you only to keep an open mind.

You may very well find yourself full of opinion towards myself and the author. No matter how you feel about me or my actions—hate me, be wary of my sincerity if you choose–please, if you are a parent, planning on being a parent or are someone who is responsible for the wellbeing of children.

Treat them with dignity, respect and love. Be good role models. Teach them empathy, compassion and integrity. Regardless of your financial, emotional and physical situations, show them how to overcome and achieve. Be loving and attentive. Listen to them, hear them, spend time with them and nurture them. Most of all, give them your heart forever so that they will become good people.

B. Brents

March 5, 2009


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4 responses to “A letter from Brent Brents

  1. Teresa Colby (Lemons)

    I would like to contact Amy Herdy. I think I may have known Brent as a child. His family lived in my area briefly when we were children (approx. 8 or 9 years old) in Arizona. He had a little brother also – what happened to him? Is this the same person? It looks like him.


    You are steadily on your way to being a good person. Don’t let your parents hurt you anymore; you are healing from the inside out. We all have done things to hurt another; maybe not in the extreme that you once did, but still we inflicted pain. I wish you peace of mind and I think you will someday be content. God loves you and forgives you if you ask him.

  3. D D

    When all we know is pain, all we know how to give is pain. I’m not excusing your actions but I understand it. Ask God for forgiveness and He will freely forgive.After you learn to accept His forgiveness, then you will have to learn to forgive yourself.
    Now you are in prison but you don’t have to be locked down in your mind. Use your time to to help others and remember. God didn’t cause those bad things to happen to you, but He will use them for good.

  4. Patricia Goodwine

    I have recently reread your story because it was on the TV. I am confused what to feel about you and what you did to so many people. It is people like you that has made it scary to walk out of my own door. But on the other hand, I refused to give you and people like you power over me. That is what rape is, a matter of power, not sex. I read your words and I take them as a lesson in my own life. What I find in your words that upsets me the most is that you don’t seem to take responsible for your actions in life. You seem to use what has happen to you in your past as a reason to hurt others. Do you think you are the only person in this world to be hurt as a child? Well if that is the case, you telling us to learn from your mistakes doesn’t seem right. It is YOU that needs to learn from YOUR past. Like so many weak people, you let your past be an excuse to do what felt good to you. I am not saying that to you to just call you names and belittle you but to show you that it’s the weak people that gives past bad treatments as an excuse to hurt others. It takes a very strong person to NOT hurt someone when they have that much angry in their heart. You say things like, when I get high……I hurt people. If you can say those words, you could take that same energy and pick up a phone to ask for help. You seem like someone that has intelligent enough to put in words all that you have done to hurt others, so use that same intelligent to understand that what you are saying needs to be a lesson to you as well. You are 100% responsible for your actions in life. Example; if you were struck by lightning and lived, of course you are not responsible for that happening, but how you deal with what has happened to you after that is YOUR responsible from that point on. So to tell the world to treat your kids good and respectful them is all well and good, but my point to you is that you CHOSE to do what you did. That is where I have a problem with what you are telling us. You did what you did because you wanted to, not because someone made you do it. I think most of us in this world has had something bad happen to us. It’s the ones with good character or whatever, that doesn’t use that as an excuse to do whatever feels good at the time. I am not calling you a liar when you tell us that you were abused as a child by your parents, but there are many, many people that was raised by the same types of parents as yourself, that don’t act on feels likes yours. I believe this society has become a bunch of an ablers. Giving people like yourself an excuse to just do whatever you want. When you get caught, you bring out the abuse excuse. I understand abuse made you angry at the world but you made the decide to hurt. That’s the lesson here…..and it is your’s to learn.

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