This site chronicles the case of Brent Brents, a rapist who in 2005 received the largest prison sentence in Colorado history for charges that included attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping, and Brents’ correspondence with journalist Amy Herdy (see “about” for more details). Before he became a predator, Brents was a victim. That doesn’t justify his behavior, but it does help explain it. It also helps explain the purpose of this site, which is to look at sexual assault as a societal crime and not simply a women’s issue, and to prompt constructive  and thought-provoking conversation about it .

The above photos are of Brents, and the quote is his. From left to right: Brents as a boy in elementary school, Brents at age 13, Brents at age 21 and in a state mental hospital, and finally his arrest mug shot, which is how he appears today.

If you have something to say about these issues, I would like to hear from you. And while I realize that providing a platform for healthy discussion means airing differing views, please know that comments will be moderated to prevent hate speech or abusive attacks.

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