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Too many people who are willing to carry the torch of hatred

My dislike of the “white prison culture” is extreme. There’s a thing in prison called a come up. And every one is trying to come up, get on, or get some of the action. Gambling, drugs, sex homosexual or straight, food. You name it everyone wants a piece. And each race has a piece of the pie. I don’t realy talk to anyone. If i do it’s with the whites. If i have to enteract with other races I try to be curtious. But i also make it real clear i am Not going to tolerate any games. And yes For all of you, it’s because of my experiences not just with any other races, just as much as it has been with The so called “White people” I always say that no one has a corner on the market where ignorance is concerned. I will be the first to tell you I’m ignorant where race is concerned. It’s an an excuse thats just how it is. I’ve let racial slurs come from my mouth in the heat of battle. And in personal enteractions with my own kind. These last years I’ve gotten to a point where i just feel like it’s a battle that None of us can ever win. Too many sterotypes. Too many people who are willing to carry the torch of hatred. I won’t carry it any more, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t feel those old hatreds now and then.

-Brent Brents 5-1-15

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