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psychiatric patients fighting globally for human rights & better treatment protocols

Reader Comment: I sure object to the listing of NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) under the resource column on the left of the screen. NIMH does not address issues of trauma and only seeks to medicalize human experience- the disease model. NIMH would tell you Brent Brents was born with a biological disease that caused him to do the things he did, and would discount his early life experiences completely. Psychiatry, despite all evidence to the contrary, is intent on proving this model, which we fight against. I am a member of the CSX movement, psychiatric patients fighting globally for human rights & better treatment protocols, and I reference your book ALL THE TIME in our dialogues. (not to mention I lived in Denver at the the time, and also worked at 6th Avenue Pets) I plan to bring you & the book up tomorrow night (02.21) on BlogTalk Radio, Late Night with a Hero, which is why I came over to take a look at your website). –Amy Smith

Hi, Amy,
Thank you for the thoughtful feedback. I did not realize that distinction; I have now removed NIMH from the website.
It’s very gratifying that you have used the book and the website to help raise awareness. Brents would be glad as well–I will let him know.
Amy Herdy

We are, as a people, frustrated and outraged at every step of the way.  We have few basic human rights (in Colorado, a person can be taken from their home in the middle of the night, with no information given to anyone regarding possible destination, with no due process, and can be held for five business days, which can span two weekends in some circumstances), our treatment protocols are driven by industry greed like no other, with little science to back up the subjective, nebulous criteria in the DSM, treatment guidelines or suggested medical protocols.  The drugs are addictive, seriously damaging, and cause serious comorbid disease.  New treatments in the pipeline are even worse- implants, shock & surgery- ALL with absolutely no valid or robust scientific foundation.  It is appalling, but no one really cares about us much and we are very expensive.  

The industry lies with impunity (no such thing as a chemical imbalance, for example) and now, states are using fear-driven tactics to grow the infrastructure.  There are bills pending in front of the U.S. legislature that have the stated intent of pre-emptively incarcerating up to one in five citizens who are “mentally ill” but dont know it!  The FDA is attempting to declassify shock devices and redacting ALL of the negative comments of survivors of shock and making the requirements for reporting so arduous it is difficult to get a single word to them- and then they delete it!  I have friends who have already left the United States and many more who are planning on it if the situation gets much worse.
The worse part is that trauma treatment protocols DO work, as do many socially-oriented programs and simple social supports.  Brent’s statement to the readers at the beginning of the book is one of the most important statements that can be spoken in the world today, and if all took heed, psychiatry would be eliminated in two generations.  There is no biological disease; it is trauma.  Even NIMH’s data show that, but they disregard, so I TRULY appreciate you taking that down.  I know some trauma resources, if you are interested, to refer folks to.
Thank you for being so responsive, and THANK YOU for writing Diary of a Predator.    –Amy Smith, director of MindFreedom Colorado

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