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no more OCD meds means the bugs will come back

Oh did i tell you i have no more hair? Yes i broke down and had it all cut off. It is so hard to care for in the hole and well, no more OCD meds means the bugs will come back and I’ll itch myself to death. (The bugs are already back.) I”m already itching badly. Damn Bugs 😦

I’m running around with half of a Right eye brow. 🙂 HA! No OCD Meds! It’s been tuff no doubt. Alot of Anxiety, Boredom, and eating out of Both. I really have to watch the mania. But at least i get to talk to my counselor every two weeks. It really helps. Alot more than the every 90 days.

-Brent Brents 6-5-17

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