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Jameis apologize. Your victim deserves that

Note from Amy: While I was the investigative producer on the documentary “The Hunting Ground,” which features the Jameis Winston case, I had nothing to do with Brent Brents making the below statement, which he sent on March 31–before Erica Kinsman’s attorneys filed suit against Jameis Winston on her behalf. What is posted below is entirely the opinion of Brent Brents. As with all his writing, I did not censor or copy edit it:

Some of you will see Jameis Winston get drafted into the NFL soon. Most likely #1 overall for 100 million dollars Plus. With 50 to 55 million Garunteed.

This article (he enclosed a clipping of this column by Christine Brennan, USA Today) is a step in the right direction. But far short of the punishment he truly deserves. I can say with a whole heart, that you Jameis Winston are a Rapist. You got lucky that campus police and city police Royaly screwed the pooch on the investigation and victims allegations.

Your vulgarity at the campus directed towards the survivor of your criminal behavior, your track record of dumassed behaviors, don’t lend any credit to your reputation of Mr. Innocent.

I’ve watched your Interviews, and read plenty to judge you. God says we shouldn’t judge others. But hey let’s be real. And you and most any right thinking human beings know in your hearts the truth. Guilty!!! I have a closer Knowledge so i know more than most. But There are things that make 1 plus 1= 2.

99.99 % of sexual assault victims tell the truth in my opinion. I could be wrong. But i don’t buy that you are that .1 % of that not guilty.

So Winston as you embark on the next phase of your young life. Remember that many young people are going to Look up to you and follow your lead. Your going to be a role model for young people everywhere. Your an exceptional football player. So become an exceptional man. It may seem truly hypocritical, but i feel you should become the biggest advocate for anti Rape and domestic violence causes.

When you lose the lawsuit that is surely coming, pay it. Don’t be a punk ass Kid. And Jameis apologize. Your victim deserves that if nothing else. How you do that will be up to you. You’ll have a team of lawyers, an agent even a teams front office all saying don’t do it. Kid if you have a good heart do the right.

Who am i you ask, to judge you and write this letter? I am a serial rapist who’s 33 years in lockup have kept him around Rapists of all kinds. So I know you. Get your shit together Kid.

B. Brents 3-31-15

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