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every guy in here says they poison the food

Ok so this pod I’m in is OK. A couple guys i can’t trust. But overall pretty peaceful. 2 hrs of Dayhall in the morning-2 in the afternoon or evening Depending on the schedule. 1 hr of yard 3 days per week. All the yards are about 35 yards wide and deep. Solid concrete. We don’t go to yard with GP. It’s usualy pretty Quiet in here. But we have some very weak minded individuals on the upper tier. Always talking Shit and dropping Snitch Kites on us. I got told on for something i didn’t do.

But it’s just immature dudes playing the boy who cried wolf. The COs even get it. Believe me I’m not in any BS. If it starts getting crazy i just Lock up…

I’m hoping to get to [a different facility]. Yet i’m not sure i want to. Only because GP cooks the food. And every guy in here says they poison the food with blood, semen, spit, feces, urine, and Toe and Finger nails. As well as other foreign matter.

-Brent Brents


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So now I’m wearing toilet paper man pads

So on the way here in that death trap transport truck we hit a bump in the road which threw me about a foot in the air. Next thing i know i hit my crotch from my asshole to my balls, and this terrible pain racks me down there. That was Wed. Thursday i woke up with what i know to be a cist. It was baseball size. I was in excrutiating pain. Because of my transition status i could not be taken to a hospital. Thur, Fri, Sat, no sleep and the worst pain I’ve experienced in years. Sat afternoon caboosh it explodes. Blood, pus everywhere my stool, my coveralls, socks, boxers, shoes all ruined. It’s still bleeding…I’ll have to have it rinsed from the inside out. Plus i have a one inch gash that needs suturing also from the inside out. But although the rupture was pass out painful and God awful messy the relief was instantaneous. Whew!!! So now I’m wearing toilet paper man pads to keep from bleeding every where. They are probably tired of me ruining sheets and blankets boxers and coveralls. I know horrible right!

-Brent Brents 6-19-17

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