If i were a Psychopath

Alot of you would say I’m a Psychopath. Honestly I was close. But even in 04 and 05 I had regrets about what i was doing. Yes I did relish the emotional hell I caused people. But I always did feel regrets. I still do. So I think it’s 50/50 that a sociopath can change. As for myself, I think, I know I’ve changed alot. Don’t get me wrong. There is still those moments when all the anger and rage return and I think fuck it all. It’s easy to fall back into sociopathic thinking and behavior. I know love and empathy. I’m very capable of expressing both genuinely. If i were a Psychopath I wouldn’t be capable of either. Nor would I be enterested in either.

-Brent Brents 11-2-14

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One response to “If i were a Psychopath

  1. Ilona

    Psychopath? Sociopath? Normal? Not normal? Perspective is fascinating. To me.

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