Can a sociopath change?

Ok so Can a sociopath change? I think yes. But Not completely. We are capable of remorse even empathy. But It really takes being stripped of ones inadaqusies and bitterness. Rage and hatred.

Unlike psychopaths, Sociopaths have morals and rules they follow. Me I consider friendships sacred. And I would do any thing for my true friends. I don’t think most Sociopaths love themselves very much. So friendships are important means of finding and supplying themselves with love.

Ultimately we have to learn to love ourselves. Face the uncomfortable things we often bring upon ourselves. And face the violence we’ve committed upon others. A psychopath relishes the violence and pain they cause. As Sociopaths we might be assholes. But sooner or later we experience change.

-Brent Brents 11-2-14

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