What my seizures feel like

Note from Amy: In this excerpt from a recent letter, Brents is referring to my having a concussion after being thrown from a horse to explain how he feels during the seizures he’s had regularly since he was a kid, the result of being beaten by his father:

So now you know What my seizures feel like. As Well as part of my depression. That “lost” feeling realy sucks and its often alarming. The Metal taste is Not a very pleasant taste either. When i have the depresions, it’s this lost feeling, and the physical feeling of the concusion that is realy brutal. It’s difficult to understand how the physical and emotional fit, but they do.

The lack of spirit or will. The Need to sleep as much as possible. Feeling lost bewildered. Add it all up and you get Depression. Oh yeah loss of apitite (Good weight loss helper) Bad physicaly.

I really am Sorry.

-Brent Brents 8-28-14

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