South African Reader: “Parents make their kids into killers”

Note from Amy: The following comment was sent to this website, Diary of a Predator, after the South African viewer watched the Paula Zahn show about the Brent Brents case:

I have watched Brents story and as i view this site and read everyones comments i notice that what Amy is trying to explain is that its not about Brent but everywhere, he is the guinea pig. We dont know how many become like brent in the world, there isnt just a black and white but many shades in between.

What is more disturbing about this is the amount of abuse happening and mostly to children. Look at how many of you wrote saying you were abused. I am truly saddened and this all boils down to 2 people being careless, getting pregnant and going through with it even though they dont want kids. Then taking it out on them! People who are labelled parents earn it! By providing a safe haven, loving and protecting no matter how poor you are.

I have a son who is 4 i live in a tiny home, but my God i dont know what the future holds but i make sure my son has food, shelter, education and that he is loved and that he is not a burden and that even though i too was in an abusive home where my father did drugs, drank, got abusive etc, and raped by men. I make it my goal to not let my son become like that. That he will know his home is safe.

I live in south africa which has the highest rape, murder etc in the world but you dont hear what happens here. Everyone says brent had a choice, no he didnt! From the time he was born he didnt, so how can you expect him to know how to make a choice or expect him to know what that means or have logic or any other in this situation. Parents make their kids into killers . They learn from what they see and experience, not from what they are told.

Time: Monday May 13, 2013 at 2:09 am

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